Success Stories

The University of Florida has links available to both the Florida form and the national form on its Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) website. This means students will see links to voter registration forms every time they login to their student homepage.

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What's At Stake

Young people with a college degree saw the greatest decline in voting rates compared to their counterparts with less education in 2010: turnout dropped four points from 41.0% in 2006 to 37.4%.

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Campus Vote Project Blog

Announcing Vote Pledge 2014!

You may have noticed we’ve been using #votepledge2014 a lot on Twitter lately. Here’s the story: We’re gearing up for the midterm elections here
at Campus Vote Project, and started an action to get students excited and motivated to vote in the midterm elections. It’s called Voter Pledge 2014and we need you to get involved!